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Sustainable Canola

ADM's primary export zone for canola is the European Union, which has specific criteria surrounding the origination of oilseeds used for bio-energy. Any seed cultivated externally to the EU must be declared as being sourced from sustainable and renewable origins, hence being certified 'sustainable'.

The scheme generally used in Australia for this is the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Scheme (ISCC). The ISCC is essentially a set of principles orientated towards holistic farming, including the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions, sustainable use of land, protection of natural biospheres and social sustainability.

For growers, this means filling out a sustainability declaration for each merchant or trader they sell seed to. Growers need only complete one declaration per trader per season. It is important to complete the declaration in full. An on-farm audit may be required to verify compliance.

If you require clarification of this process or assistance with the declaration, please phone ADM Direct on 1300 123 236.


ISCC Canola Self Declaration